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Composite Fillings

The Procedure
Dr. Sooferi uses “tooth colored” white fillings to restore teeth with cavities, chipping or notching, and old amalgam “silver” fillings. White, composite fillings can cosmetically blend with the adjacent tooth much better than old metal fillings, and they also offer a number of health-related benefits. White fillings form a stronger bond with the adjacent tooth structure than metal fillings do, which helps to prevent leakage and breakage. Additionally, composite fillings are not as temperature-sensitive as metal, so they do not expand as much with heat—helping avoid cracking of the tooth over time. Dr. Sooferi can not only use composite fillings to correct cavities in newly damaged teeth; he can also replace your old metal fillings for a younger, healthier smile. The old material is carefully removed without much enlargement at all, the tooth carefully isolated, an adhesive placed, the composite sculpted into place, and the material is then hardened with a special curing light.

The Cost
Composite fillings are quite inexpensive. In most cases, 50-80% of the cost can be covered by dental insurance.

The Amount of Time Involved
Only one appointment is needed. Depending on the number of composite fillings required, the appointment may last 30 minutes to two hours.

Expected Lifetime
In most cases composite fillings last 8-12 years or more and are replaced due wear from years of chewing. At LA Smiles we warranty composite fillings against chipping, cavities, or leakage for two years so long as you maintain your preventative hygiene visits.

Before and After Composite Fillings

That’s it- a healthy, natural, permanently white smile you’ve always wanted in only 2 visits.

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